Ram Canon’s Workers Comp Resource Site

My name’s Tucker Canon, but most people call me Ram. I couldn’t tell you where I got that name from honestly, although I’d like to think it’s because of my brash attitude. I’ve never been one to back down from a fight, and when I lost my pinky toe (my favorite one) during a work-related accident, I felt devastated. The pain was immense as I laid on the factory floor, waiting for help. 

I wasn’t even sure what fell on me at the time; I just knew it was the result of a wire snapping. We complained to our boss for weeks about how unsafe having heavy equipment strung above by a flimsy wire was, but it took me losing a toe for our company to make any changes.

Now I’m not one to wallow and blame my woes on others, but after giving years of my life to this company, how could I just let them take my safety for granted? That day, I realized how little my company cared for me. I was just a cog in the machine, replaceable at a moment’s notice. 

Being that I thrive on conflict, it’s obvious what I did next. I sued my company for everything they’re worth and won a lofty settlement. My boss thought he could appeal to me by bringing up our history, but I knew better than that. I knew he was attempting to protect his pockets and thought I was stupid enough to go for his reverse psychology. 

Anyway, the legal process was shockingly a simple procedure for me. I had a worker’s comp lawyer who walked me through everything I needed to know. My attorney told me how pitiful the settlement offered by the company was, and I told him that I wanted to bleed them dry. 

There was no way I was letting them get away with causing my family and me so much pain. I can’t even walk anywhere without feeling a tremendous amount of pain with each step. Running laps around town was a favorite stress reliever of mine, and after my accident, I couldn’t even do that. 

I was depressed for a while and formed addictions various medications. If it wasn’t for my family, I don’t know if I would have crawled out of that pit. It wasn’t until my wife gave me the idea to create this site that I felt like I could make a difference. 

Now, I help various people who’ve been in similar work accidents. My goal is that anyone who visits this site can relate to other users while gaining valuable information that will help their worker’s comp cases.